Borrowed sun

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All kinds of stuff happens when the sun comes out around here, but it’s a loaner sun. We’re going to have to give it back soon. So you better get out there. Saturday, I got Lucky. Just in case you’re thinking TMI, Lucky’s a thoroughbred. If I morphed my sweet dog into a horse, she would be Lucky. It had been 11 years since I’ve been on a horse, but somehow I remembered. Saturday night, it was clear and dry. So we headed out to Kruger’s Farm on Sauvie’s Island. Okay, the Krugers are really, really great friends of ours. Like family. We’ll just put that right out there because I’m going to talk nice about their corn maze and not just because they’re my friends. Here’s why: Because their corn maze freaking ROCKS. No zombies. No screaming teenagers. Just pure whimsy. We didn’t want to find our way out of their corn maze because there’s all this cool stuff going on: a fortune teller, fire dancers, a movie theatre, live music and a bar under a vintage circus tent. Get this, they were playing my fave movie of all time, North by Northwest. How cool to see Cary Grant almost get mowed down by a bi-plane in a corn field while you’re sitting in a real cornfield? Get on out there before the weather gets nasty.


1- Got to hang out with the cutest kids in the neighborhood – B and E! E likes to draw what people’s brains look like outside their heads. So Steven said, “How come there’s no brain outside your head?”

2- Here comes Steven. He dropped his pencil case with a Flash drive and brand-new calculator in it at school. Now it’s gone. Ugh, I don’t want to go buy that stuff again. But then we talked about how maybe another kid really needed that stuff. Maybe someone’s parents couldn’t afford school supplies.

3- Here comes Livvie. She’s wearing hoop earrings. She’s asking me questions about growing up. She grabs my arm as we walk home from school in the sun, and I’m in pure heaven.

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