Fun at Radiology/Oncology

Waiting for the Brazilian Video

Hello, Everyone! It’s Jacki, the most infrequent blogger ever. It’s getting close to that time when it will be a year total since I had cancer. Every couple of months, I have to get checked by oncology and radiology/oncology. Yesterday, my turn to flash radiology/oncology. The doctor says: “You’ve lost weight.” Even though no one else was in the exam room, I still turned around expecting to see someone skinny. Not sure how I lost weight; but hey! Okay. Kickin. I do keep my eating pretty well in check. Then she rocked my false sense of security with this one: “Good, keep eating well and working out because we’ve got no other methods to help you.” Holy sh&^T. I almost broke into a sprint right there. As far as mental health, she assured me that it’s completely common for people to get through this, then emotionally crash. I’m on the other side of that action now. Lucky for me, I have dealt with so many depressive levels before that I knew I had to go to the doctor. It’s not something you can fix with your mood. Lucky for general public safety, no one told me to “cheer up” during this time.


1 – My girl hits TWO DIGITS today! I can’t believe it. Her whip-smart humor amazes me everyday. Then, there’s her kindness. I’m so appreciative that she’s my daughter.

2 – It’s sunny and warm outside. No really. The sun is out in Portland.

3 – Jim Clark, owner of HiveFX, saved my hide. I had been trying to edit the Brazilian show video, and it pretty much trashed my laptop. He loaded on a real system and edited it down to promo size. Now it has like a 150% chance of selling. Thanks, Jim. You so totally rock. Check it above.


4 Replies to “Fun at Radiology/Oncology”

  1. Jacki, Your blog about the year is so good. Ed had a stroke, and we are in a nursing rehab place. God bless us all. Jeanine I think I told you this.

  2. You are amazing, Jacki! Blog as infrequently as you like – I’m enjoying every one AND have adopted the Three Positives for my bad days. Thank you!
    And I’m so impressed by your video! Damn right there’s a 150% chance of them selling! You’re hilarious!
    Happy double digits to Liv – I can’t believe she’s already there!

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