One scan, two needles and two doctors

Haven’t heard from me in a while, but I just had to tell you: I got a C-scan today and it was clean! That doesn’t mean I’m out of cancer danger forever or anything. It just means that they thought they saw another hot spot, but it’s okay. Whew! Meanwhile, we’ve got one more mom going through breast cancer. I wanted to be the last one. I really did. My thoughts are with her all the time, and I’ll get my chance to return all those casseroles people brought us.

In other news, I work full-time now. “Working” as a stand-up comic is like “working” at a lemonade stand. It’s nice to join the rest of the world working my butt off and racing around all weekend getting groceries and laundry. The kids get bummed once in a while until I remind them about those new shoes I can now buy them.

Hope all of you are doing well. Thanks for all the support and love you gave us. Now it’s my turn to return all I can.

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