Calling all breast cancer survivors

I won’t be wearing the hat. It costs too much to rent.

Breast cancer sucks. Let’s make fun of it at:

The Young Survival Coalition (YSC) “Laughter Therapy” event at Mint next Wednesday, Jan. 14. (This is an event just for breast cancer survivors.) YSC is providing yummy appetizers and Mint’s the place with the freshest-made drinks in town. I’ll be grilling cancer and sharing how being a comedian helped me cope…a lot.

Facebook’s got all the details right here:

In other news, I’ve joined the rest of American women overloaded with full-time employment, wife, mother, kids’ sports, blah blah. And you know what? It’s awesome, except for how information deflects off the windshield of my brain like a bug out of luck. I do really, really hope to bring back “Waiting for the Brazilian” somehow!

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