Poop really IS funny

And you thought toddlers were the only ones who find non-stop humor from poop and pee. Last night, Betsy Kauffman, Beren deMotier, Joanie Quinn, Jillian Starr and Kristina Martin took down the house with tales of pet tails at the TIME OUT show at Airplay Cafe. Thanks, Ladies! And special thanks to raffle sponsors: gift certificates Pets on Broadway, the new PLAYGROUND GYM on Grand and a family pass to Kruger’s Farm, home of the Corniest Corn Maze in History.

Coming soon: Details of PLAYGROUND GYM’s special Parent Night Out offer to set your kids loose owhile you attend the next TIME OUT show at Airplay.

TIME OUT show tomorrow night

Celebrate the first day of school with the TIME OUT show! We’ve got five fantabulous moms taking the stage, prizes you’ll love and lots of chilled wine. Here are the details:

SEPT 11 TIME OUT: “Pets and the Kids Who Promised
to Take Care of Them”

Nothing delights mothers like being the housekeeper and the zookeeper. Watch the fur fly!

Airplay Café, 701 E. Burnside, Portland OR 97214 7-8:30 pm
$10 in advance at http://www.brownpapertickets.com/$12 at the door.

Success at open mic night!

We did TIME OUT TUESDAYS parental open mic night last night. Betsy and Joanie brought their sets. We took notes, practiced and shared ideas. Boy did I need their input on mine – exponential improvement. All except the two kids who were heckling us happened to be my kids.

Welcome! Now take your shoes off.

Just kidding. Some people do that, but I don’t. Chances are, your feet will get way dirtier if you walk around my house sans shoes. Not to mention, they’ll look like damages from the toy department in Target. You’ve reached my second home – the online kind. Finally, there’s a place for all my stuff: TIME OUT show information, a real schedule I figured out how to change and room for your thoughts. Coming soon: photos and links. Well, make yourself at home. I’m going to bed.