Who’s the best parent ever? You are

Not that this story is the worst childhood tale ever told, but it will make you feel better about your parenting. Hold onto your seats as I take you on a high-speed chase. I double-dog dare you to show up tonight and see for yourself. I triple-dog dare you to show up wearing frosted lip gloss. All the ’70s girls are doing it.

Tonight, June 8 Rough Copy reading

Jacki reads a chapter of Sass Mouth featured in a recent issue of Rough Copy

Canvas Art Bar
1800 NW Upshur
7 pm


2 Replies to “Who’s the best parent ever? You are”

  1. SO, so bummed I cannot clone myself and be there, as well as at the open mic! Something may be coming up here and I may even have to miss THAT!

    Why can’t I magically tri-clone myself??? Wouldn’t THAT be an awesome superhero skill???

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