Not that this story is the worst childhood tale ever told, but it will make you feel better about your parenting. Hold onto your seats as I take you on a high-speed chase. I double-dog dare you to show up tonight and see for yourself. I triple-dog dare you to show up wearing frosted lip gloss. All the ’70s girls are doing it.

Tonight, June 8 Rough Copy reading

Jacki reads a chapter of Sass Mouth featured in a recent issue of Rough Copy

Canvas Art Bar
1800 NW Upshur
7 pm



About clevercopy

Professional copywriter, author, stand-up comedian and speaker

2 responses »

  1. Dana Campbell says:

    SO, so bummed I cannot clone myself and be there, as well as at the open mic! Something may be coming up here and I may even have to miss THAT!

    Why can’t I magically tri-clone myself??? Wouldn’t THAT be an awesome superhero skill???

  2. jackikane says:

    Maybe the tennis can holds super powers?

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