Wing positive frisbees to Sari

IMG_0364The week before I got diagnosed, my friend Sari was told she had breast cancer. We were both stunned to disbelief. Today she’s in surgery, so I’ve been thinking about her and her family all day. Our kids are in the same grade, we have the same doctors and we even get our hair cut by the same stylist. All coincidence. That we would have cancer together is just weird. It’s inevitably started some real-life conversations for the kids around here. I’m hoping parents have a talk with their kids about health and how important it is to take care of yourself. For today, Sari could use positive. Recovery sounds like it will suck. She’s a Zumba queen and will no doubt dance her way through this. Sari, I love you my friend. Hope you get some really great meds and a couple of hot male nurses.


1- My friend Sari is going to kick Weird Cancer Guy’s ass today.

2- My awesome boy Steven is home sick with pneumonia and coughing a little less.

3- Did I mention my friend Sari is going to kick Weird Cancer Guy today. Bastard.

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