Who do you love, baby?

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Oh yeah! Tomorrow is Round 2 at Dr. Awesome’s Chemo Lounge! I’ve had to do some controlled breathing today probably not because I’m anxious, but because I had to get jacked up on steroids today. In the meantime, wondering which one of these baldies I most resemble! Speaking of feedback, I LIVE for your comments. I really do. Keep ’em coming.


1- Hearing the story of my friend Shonda taking three fifth grade boys to see “The Nutcracker.” That could be the lost episode of Mystery Science Theater…Penis Fascination Edition.

2- Talking to Trina’s friend, who made it through triple-negative breast cancer. Made my day comparing notes with the only person I’ve talked to so far who knows Weird Cancer Guy. If I get new boobs – get this, you can OPT to not get nipples! Never worry about high beams looking like the front end of a bullet-nose Studebaker ever again!

3- Kids wrapping Christmas presents, which is hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Glad I can enjoy it!


10 Replies to “Who do you love, baby?”

  1. Will be sending U positive energy tomorrow Jacki ~~~ much love to you. Can U tell me what you discovered with the genealogy on your side of the family? Pretty sure there is none on our side.

    1. Thank you! Possible cancer on mother’s side, but we don’t have accurate information. So looks like I’m in for an absolute needle-in-haystack search. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. I am so inspired by you Jacki! Such a big beautiful smile on your face at such a difficult time. I hope that everytying goes okay today tomorrow, we will be pulling for you at G+B! Sending your oodles of love and support!

  3. I LOL’d at the idea of breasts without nipples! Continued super nurse healing powers to you, lookin’ good girl!

  4. Today I heard you can get nipple tattoos and STILL not nip out permanently. I’m tired of wearing kneepad-thick bras to avoid the embarrassing high beams in meetings.

  5. Hi Jacki,

    I fell out of circulation there for a bit. Have appreciated reading your posts today. You rock dear. Keep doing all the positive things you’ve doing! Miss you. Love, Mary Closson

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