My daughter made me a sparkle sign – she’s the best little girl a mom could ask for.

For three weeks, I’ve dreaded Round 2 of chemo. But the truth is, the steroids are the devil. I took my two rounds yesterday and got so jacked up, I was up the entire night. I tried to sleep, but steroids are like mommy crack. You can’t stop doing, thinking, planning. How did I not know about these sooner, like when the kids were 2? Then I found out they’re also responsible for “Roid Rage” mood swings and my WalMart cravings. The kids have been given permission to grant me a time out when I’m grumpy. Now WHY did I not think of that earlier?

Chemo was easy and fast today.  I got my same rockin out nurse, Rhandy. My mega-sarcastic friend Julien was there with me. Nothing makes the IV bottles drain fast like talking some serious smack. Then, my photographer friend Barrett came by with some super-rad eye candy photo possibilities for the Wall O’ Cancer Brochures. When I was showing him my friend Jeanine’s stunning watercolors of dolphins, the nurses and patient next to me loved them, making me feel like even a small amount of art will bring brightness to the patients and staff. We didn’t have time to install them today, but we will.

Art to the rescue! Even a small print brightens the chemo room. By Jeanine Semon

Art to the rescue! Even a small print brightens the chemo room. By Jeanine Semon











1- The tumor used to be hard as clay; now it’s like Jello. Could the rockets be why?

These are the red rockets - menacing chemo drugs that make you pee orange.

These are the red rockets – menacing chemo drugs that make you pee orange.










2- We are only $60 away from hitting our $3,000 goal on Thank you thank you thank you!

3- Unreliable medical information be damned. Tomorrow, I am having the genetics test. Let the truth be drawn out so I can save myself and protect my kids.

4- Lisa gave me a new hat with a flower on it – love it! She also brought dinner over again with her husband Chris and daughter Ella and hung out with us. Can’t wait to hang out with them when I’m not a Chemosapien.

Cathryn gave me one of the funniest gifts ever  –  FOXY LADY footie pajamas!

The gift card said: Foxy Lady. My friend Cathryn gave me the most hilarious onesie ever. Now I can hang with the kid in Christmas Story.

The gift card said: Foxy Lady. Now I can rock the look in Christmas Story.

Even the toes are foxy.


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6 responses »

  1. Lia says:

    So glad it went so smoothly yesterday. Yippee!!!

  2. Jillian says:

    You are AMAZING! And adding art to the chemo room, just too cool for words. You crack me up, chemosapien!!

  3. Jackie M. says:

    Hey, wait a sec. I see stubble. And it’s not blond stubble. The truth comes out!!

  4. clevercopy says:


  5. Elaine says:

    That art will brighten so many lives! Good for you!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I know you had a cute short haircut, but you’ve got a great bald head! Very G.I. Jane.
    Two good movies: sleepwalk with me & your sister’s sister.

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