Blown away

Weird Cancer Guy is teaching me a few things. Never could I have imagined the support and love our families, friends, community and people who don’t even know us have shown us.


1- Jeanine Semon (artist and comedian Betsy Kauffman’s mom) donated a series of watercolors Brian and me installed at the Knight Cancer chemo room at Good Sam. The staff and patients there were very excited to have something fluid and beautiful to look at on the nurses’ station. (Check out her work at: THANK YOU, JEANINE!

2- fundraiser exceeds goal. Can’t believe it. Jackie with an E said, “Quit thanking me on your blog, you’ll annoy people.” Whatever. THANK YOU JACKIE WITH AN E AND EVERYONE WHO DONATED.

3- Karen, Michelle, Maria and Shonda put on “Crafty for a Reason,” a fundraiser that generated $1600 to help us with medical costs. Can’t even explain the level of appreciation I feel for all their hard work and all the people who donated at like the hardest time of the year to give money. THANK ALL OF YOU!

4- Maybe I can quit being such a dork, thinking no one really likes me. Clearly, that’s not true at all. All I can say is a resounding, very humble THANK YOU. I love you all.



2 Replies to “Blown away”

  1. Hi Jacki, I breathed a sigh of love, relief and also hope, when I saw your post today. I trust in the power of love, friendship and community so much now. Give Brian a hug from me, and one for you too, you strong girl. love, Steph

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