Nothing to shave here

Somehow I mustered up enough energy to take a shower. My lonely razor is just sitting there with nothing to do, leaving me with time to pile on the exquisite salt scrub Shonda and Julia gave me. My transition to a wax-free Brazilian is almost complete! I still have a mustache, which is not fair at all. But if I keep that, maybe I get to keep eyebrows? I like smooth skin, Weird Cancer Guy. Score 1 – me. Zero – Weird Cancer Guy.

I would like my energy back though. Everything seems like such a tremendous effort – like lifting plates to the cabinet. Stuff like that. I slept pretty much all day yesterday and all night. The weirdest thing is I’m craving actual nutrition and fresh air this time. I actually had smoked salmon and O3 eggs for breakfast. Liv and I took our dog Xena for a well-needed walk to the bakery for croissants and juice. I’m going to try to accomplish some form of exercise each day, however small. 


1- The sun came out for a whole hour, and so did we.

2- My son told me he loved me.

3- Today’s the first day I haven’t had to shave since I was like 12.

3 Replies to “Nothing to shave here”

  1. Hi Jacki, I’m just catching up to your blog, thank you for sharing what you are going through and for the snarky humor! You’re going to kick weird cancer guys ass – hard and when you’re done doing that, we’re going to hit the spa!

    Wishing you, Brian, Steven and Olivia my warmest Christmas wishes.

    xoxo – Dena

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