Surviving a crafty Christmas

Friends shouldn’t let friends like me craft. Karen and I decided to make a loft for our daughters’ American Girl dolls because a loft from the catalog costs more than my bed. Karen did the woodwork; I did spray paint and sewing. Still zinging from my last steroid, I stayed up until 2:30 am watching reruns of “Deadliest Catch” while poking myself with a WWII “Victory Needle.” No lie. It’s a sewing needle from WWII. Watch me get scurvy or something. I got all the bedding sewn before the third boat pulled up their last empty trap. Arg! But when I spray painted the loft, I primed myself. Wasn’t going for OSHA standards, but still! I’d never make it as a tagger. The loft was a huge hit with Livvie and the Elf on a Shelf.



We didn’t escape pre-holiday jitters sans drama though. Something unrelated caused a lot of tears and talk of “Why does this have to happen to you, Mom. I don’t want you to die.” Sometimes I can’t believe the kids love me so much. Maybe I wouldn’t have known the depths of their love if it weren’t for Weird Cancer Guy. I’d endure anything for them and Brian, but it’s hard seeing them grapple with it. Hoping to do something fun with them this week to get out of the house and out of my chemo-rocked brain.


1- Steven said: “What do you want to do next week, Mom? Go somewhere pink and talk about your jour-ney?” He’s my kid alright.

2- Livvie drew a portrait of me and her – I look like a smiling light bulb. She’s smiling too.

3- I have been shown massive support from my kids and family, an army of close friends, neighbors, the Abernethy school community, the bull terrier community and complete strangers. It’s giving me massive strength and appreciation for all of you. Without Weird Cancer Guy, maybe I wouldn’t have known. But I do now.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.



7 Replies to “Surviving a crafty Christmas”

  1. We reap what we sow, Jacki, which is why you have so many standing by your side. . And, yes, your kids adore you & always will, as do many of your friends! Hope it was a decent Christmas and we’ll look for a Wheel of Fortune play off soon!!

  2. Jacki u r amazing & strong. So proud of you, your family & all ur amazing friends. I hope they all stand up and take a bow for them selves. Know how much u r loved

  3. Merry Christmas Jackie! I know you don’t know this, so I’m writing to tell you I’ve been thinking about you today (and many others too). I lack your crafty wordsmithing, but you are amazing. Simply amazing. You are such an inspiration of courage & strength and your posts about what you are going through are so humbling. I feel blessed, as i know so many of us here feel, to be your friend. Xoxo

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