They say it’s his birthday

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My boy Steven turns 11 today! He got a special delivery of a bacon burger and shake at school (Thanks for that super-rad idea, Shonda!) In celebration, Livvie threw him a “surprise party” in her room with stuffed animals and a big sign. He actually grinned big time. Victory for her! What a great sister.¬†Moments like that make me feel like we actually must be doing something right. We want our kids to love each other, even if it’s for five seconds. No doubt that they motivate me like nothing else to take care of myself, crush Weird Cancer Guy and move on to help and love them for a good, long time.














No cake for you!


1- Today’s a great day. I’m not sick today. Suck it, Weird Cancer Guy.

2- While I was out walking the dog, I saw a crow carrying a lollipop. Crow + Lollipop would be a great name for a store. How many pecks does it take to get to the center anyway?

3- Went to yoga today and realized how bad chemo makes your balance suffer. I’m happily going to the gym ever day I can before I get Whak-a-Moled next week.

3 Replies to “They say it’s his birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday Steven, Noah still wears some of the clothes you gave him!

    Crow and lollipop is the perfect name for a Portland store – reminds me of Put a Bird on It! I watched a whole bunch of clips from Portlandia last night on the internet because we don’t get IFC. Still haven’t seen the Jacki Kane celebrity cameo but I’m always looking for you!

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