God I’m tired

Party at Chemo. Sari and I really know how to throw it down.
Party at Chemo. Sari and I really know how to throw it down.

Not since I got mono in college have I slept this much. After chemo, I slept through dinner all the way until 7 am. My friend Emma drove me to acupuncture yesterday. I woke up on the table and had no idea where I was. So I went back to sleep. Went home and slept more. Now I’m tired of sleeping. I tried to pay some medical bills, but can’t reconcile them with the insurance company EOB (Explanation of Benefits). NONE of the numbers match. Going back to bed now. For the record, Livvie is out-sleeping me. She’s still in bed, but not much coughing. Last night, she wanted me to bring her a face mask so she could snuggle with me.

4 Replies to “God I’m tired”

  1. We’re hoping you both feel better soon. Think good thoughts, have beautiful dreams as you sleep and let good things come to you. One day soon you will be back to a regular schedule and wishing for an excuse to sleep.

  2. Instead of Groundhog Day, there should be Jacki Day. When Jacki wakes up and sees her shadow, it means there’s more snow (or rain if PDX) ahead.

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