That’s the chemo talking

Just when I think Weird Cancer Guy is seriously stifling my spirit, my friends kick his doughy butt. For a look at what my friends said, check out comments from yesterday’s post. Today is better. I’m up walking around, but I feel sick and irritated ALL of the time now. When I paged through my calendar and noticed I have Chemo Round 5 next Thursday, I literally jumped in shock. I thought I had one more week to recover. Ugh. Brian says the hardest part is watching my spark get stripped away. All that’s left is a whiny husk with PMS. Today when Steven snipped, “We’re probably having sweet potatoes for dinner again,” I launched, “We haven’t had sweet potatoes in like a month, you jerk!” Instead of being hurt that I called him a jerk, he laughed: “That’s the chemo talking.” Hmm, what else can chemo say? Chemo said your butt looks fat in those skinny jeans. Chemo said stop texting while you ride your bike with your leashed dog, jackwagon. Chemo said, YOU SUCK. I said, no chemo! YOU SUCK infinity.


1- By accident, I got to eat breakfast and lunch with Brian today. Score!

2- Found Livvie a red, white and blue outfit seriously out of season. So she’s ready for her flag-waving routine in the school play tonight.

3- My pal Beto is cleaning my house right now and not letting me pay him. How incredibly nice is that?

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