Out! Damn spots

For once, I’m not talking about cleaning. Today is random spot and throbbing hip joint day. I woke up and noticed new brown spots on my fingertips and palms. Plus, a side order of tingling, numb fingertips. When I walk, it’s weird hip pain. What am I, 90? All that just in time for Steven to get sick again. I put on a mask and took him to the doctor. I love how kids don’t even notice me in there. They must think I’m an overgrown newborn who learned how to walk early. Anyway, he’s got an ear infection, but they don’t treat that in 11 year olds. So it’s back to school for him tomorrow.

I thought I was doing really well today, taking Steven to Starbucks and lunch after his appointment. But after that, I tanked big time and went to bed. What-ever, Weird Cancer Guy. Steven came in to check on me, rubbed my back and told me he had a really good time with me today. That’s when I remembered what he said at Starbucks: “You’re a really great mom.” When I woke up, it was already dark outside and I felt like the luckiest mom ever.


1- Steven said I was a great mom.

2- Steven said I was a great mom.

3- Steven said I was a great mom, and I took it in.

7 Replies to “Out! Damn spots”

  1. Agreed, you are an amazing mom (as evidenced by your awesome progeny), friend and all around woman. Thank god you are feeing a little run down now. I was beginning to think you were a mutant the way you were smacking down the stinking chemo crap. The finish line is in sight now. Hang in there (and that doesn’t mean you can’t complain!).

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