I heart all of you

“When you go through cancer, it’s not just you…

It’s all your loved ones. They’re going through it

right with you.”

Jill Brzezinski, 35-year-old breast cancer survivor

Jill Brzezinski is the bravest woman. She bared all for a photo shoot and documentary called “The Light That Shines” (Huffington Post) to show the world what breast cancer looks like – and it’s not what you think. It’s vibrant and beautiful. Jill wants to help other women. She just helped me feel better about heading into two more rounds of chemo and a double mastectomy. But she also reminded me that I’m not the only one going through this – all of my family and friends are right there with me. Every flower, every card, every casserole and every positive thought has helped me weather this. I’ve been worried about what’s to come.  How will I deal with what’s just happened? With grace like Jill, I hope. Watch her documentary. You’ll be forever changed.

The Light That Shines


1- Watching Jill’s video moved me to tears and gratitude. I needed that. Thanks, Jill. I am officially one woman you’ve helped.

2- Speaking of models and photo shoots, check out the super model of flowers that Molly dropped off. Molly’s been dropping off flowers every week. She said I needed them, and she was right.









3- How can a little girl have so much big love? Only Livvie knows. She made our family a love poster that ends up with: I LOVE all of you! We love you too, Livvie! We love everyone who has stayed with us every step of the way. Thank you.


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