Instant beach vacation

In case you were wondering if I was still obsessed with going to Hawaii…why yes. Yes I am. Now my plan is to score a speaking gig there so we can physically go. But it seems like we can’t plan anything without messing up the radiation schedule. In the meantime, my friend Sharon made me this super-rad terrarium. I love it so much. (Thank you, Sharon!)



Livvie loved it so much, she wanted to make her own sea world in a bowl. So I took her to Artemisia ( She’s got such a designer mind, she reorganized her globe several times before announcing, “Perfect!” Nothing thrills me like doing something fun with my girl. When I looked around, the store was filled with moms and daughters – all lit up with excitement about their mini worlds in a bowl. Everyone should make one of these.



1- Brian and I made it through a few rough emotional days trying to figure out where we’ll find the energy to go the entire summer through radiation without a true escape of a trip. We’ll have to carve out smaller ones before my energy gives way.

2- Can’t stop thinking about going on stage last weekend. When I got introduced as a cancer survivor, people yelled out: “F*&k cancer!” So funny that CANCER got heckled.

3- There are now two little hummingbirds buzzing our yard. One has an iridescent red patch under its beak. Watching them do a full aerial chase makes my day. Livvie put her hummingbird feeder out loaded with sugar water. But now I worry that they’ll get all fat and be lying around fanning their bellies instead of flying.


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